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Top Tips

There are things to you can do to help when selling your house. Here are some top tips:

  • First impressions last

​Make sure the exterior of the house is in tip top condition – clean the windows & make sure the gardens are cut & tidy. If the front door looks tired, paint it and polish all door furniture e.g. letterbox, knocker, handle, keyhole etc.

  • Cleaning

 Make sure every room is clean. When cleaning pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms as buyers generally feel more confident with the whole house if these rooms have been looked after. Shampoo dirty carpets to give them a new lease of life.

  • Linens

Make sure all bed linen, towels and mats are clean.

  • De-clutter your home 

Remove all old newspapers, magazines, books & unnecessary furniture so that the room appears larger to prospective purchasers. You need to depersonalise the room so keep family photos to a minimum.

  • Use brighter lightbulbs

In addition to this, open all curtains, shades & blinds so that the rooms appear brighter, larger & warmer.

  • Paint

It can be very off putting for a prospective purchaser to see peeling paint on surfaces that could easily be retouched. Therefore, for the sake of it, touch up areas that may need a fresh coat of paint. Make sure to pick neutral bright colours if you are repainting a room.

  • Furnishings 

Invest in new but inexpensive rugs & cushions to brighten up & transform tired furniture.

  • Scent

The lovely aroma of a vanilla candle burning on the hall table helps to create a warm and welcoming ambience.

  • Heating

If the weather is cold or if the house itself is cold, put the heating on prior to viewings; it will definitely add to the overall appeal of the house.

  • Last but not least...a top-class Estate Agent!

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